Dealing with Crime: Campus Violence

A lot of attempt is made in order to find new ways of dealing with the growing crime rate. Using differentiated approach when dealing with different types of crime can bring good results as it takes into account all peculiarities of each separate crime category. Victimless crime is usually defined as a behavior that is illegal but does not violate or threaten the rights of anyone, and may be associated with the implication that the behavior should therefore not be illegal. Gambling, prostitution, abortion, child pornography, drug and alcohol abuse and obscenity Irish mob are among the most widespread victimless crimes. Nowadays, victimless crime is also known under the name of public order crime of consensual crime. Despite this definition it’s not true that victimless crime causes no harm to the society. It can bring much more damage than crimes with victims. Victimless crimes create no direct threat to any privacy and there are no other participants in this kind of crimes except the person who commits crime. Legal prosecution of these crimes is complicated as the term of crime usually assumes the victim. It’s difficult to uncover these types of crimes since there are no witnesses. So, the first step in reducing this type of crime should be the developing of different means of monitoring of this type of crimes. This type of crime assumes the lack of evidence and the system of collecting of evidence should be developed in order to deal with this problem. Monitoring, wiretapping and surveillance of suspects and public can be used in order to take victimless criminals to responsibility.

Campus violence is defined as any act or threat of physical aggression or the destruction or abuse of property by any individual in the territory of the University or other Higher education institution. Treats can include conditional or direct threats in oral or written forms, harassment, harm or endangerment of person or property, intimidation and other disruptive behavior performed at the territory of the University. All kind of violent behavior is also regarded as campus violence. The accidents of campus violence have attracted attention of wide publicity during the recent time due to their increasing number. There are two ways of approaching the problem of campus violence. First of all there are common laws and regulations, which regulate the behavior in all educational institutions in general. Such norms and laws are common for all Universities of the country. Another way of dealing with campus abuse is the set of rules and regulations, used by the University authorities and initiative groups in order to deal with the problem of campus abuse. These preventive and punitive measures can differ in different Universities. It’s the ultimate goal of the state and University authorities to provide the safe atmosphere for students and University employees and working together they can achieve the best result. The Universities usually use the State and Federal laws as a basis for dealing with the problem campus violence. The policy of campus violence prevention includes investigation of all calls about real or possible threats and appropriate reaction to them, cooperation with police officers that work on the territories of the Universities and post-accident assistance to the victims of campus abuse. In the most of the Universities special organizations and departments are created in order to deal with the campus violence.


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